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Smarter, safer fleet at your finger tips

ML Global Systems

Optimize your company’s fleet and costs and create new business opportunities by providing better customer service.

The solutions offered by us ensure that all daily routines regarding your fleet are automated and provide an easy and clear access to important data and statistics. We provide quality, safety and efficiency in everyday life.

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Our main solutions


Fleet Tracking

We bring a holistic approach to your fleet operations. Our connected platform gives you the flexibility to start small and expand your capabilities as your business grows. Manage your entire fleet from one screen and see what is happening remotely in the field. Know where your vehicles and crew are, check their productivity levels, and access all the fleet metrics you need.


Task Management

With our task management solution, you can conveniently share tasks through the mobile app. In addition, you have an overview of the location of employees, which allows for optimal division of tasks. Manage your mobile workers all in one place!

ecofleet task management


Our tachograph services give you a thorough overview of the driver’s activities and location via a web application. The available visible in the system make it possible to maximize working hours and monitor drivers’ compliance with working and rest time.
A comprehensive fleet management solution enables more efficient management of your workforce and tasks, planning optimal driving routes and motivating drivers to drive more economically.


Asset Tracking

With Asset Tracking you have complete control 24 hours a day over all assets that do not have their own power supply. It is suited for any industry and is extremely versatile. You can ensure your tools, equipment, boxes and trailers are safe, operational and at the right place.

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